Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Daily Show Takes The Weekend Off, But Still Sets Twitter On fire

In case you have not heard yet #AccordingToPalin is the hottest (and funniest) hash tag going right now.  It all started when Palin stopped in Boston as a part of her cross country get to know the folks tour. She was interviewed by local media and when asked about her day started  explaining the significance of Paul Revere in American History. Suffice to say she missed the mark a bit to hilarious results (video below).
Since then though the Daily Show writers have begun tweeting their own historical facts as Palin may interpret them, thus creating #AccordingToPalin


** Update **
According to THIS ARTICLE "Sarah Palin defended her historical account of Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride of 1775 on Sunday, telling an interviewer “I know my American history.”"
Doesn't she have someone to stop this train wreck?

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