Thursday, 2 June 2011

William Shatner Receives Honorary Degree

Bones is no longer the only Doctor on the Enterprise after William Shatner today received his honorary doctorate of letters from his Alma Mater Mcgill University.

His acceptance speech was delivered in his distinctive style and produced many laughs from the audience of graduating arts students. He dispensed such advise as "Get up earlier in the morning! There's nothing you can't accomplish when standing on two feet. When you're lying down all you accomplish is some REM sleep, and working out your dream life." and"My talents didn't lie in the field of accounting. My father, who paid for my education, was not amused. "But my talents lay in trying to be funny and entertaining people. Although I didn't study that, per se — that's Latin, by the way — I got my education, complete, whole and useful, at McGill."

See the video here:

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