Thursday, 26 May 2011

May 26th Premier (test?) post!

Hello Internet, this is the premiere post a test of sorts for this blog.
Please feel free to leave comments below. All constructive criticism is appreciated.

1) How Many Spam Mails Does It Take to Sell $100 of Viagra?
This was a great post from Gizmodo today where it revealed that it takes approximately 12.5 MILLION emails to generate $100. Can you imagine how much trouble those 12.5 million emails cause? For the spammers it still works out well though it costs them pretty much nothing to send out the emails.
For the full story at Gizmodo click HERE

2) Chinese Prisoners Forced to Play World of Warcraft
This story was from the Guardian in the UK where it was revealed that prison camps in China are making more money forcing the prisoners to work in online games then working doing manual labor.
for the full story see HERE

3) Very cool story from ABC News where this guy Daniel Kish who went blind at 13 months has developed a way to use Echo location (like a bat) to "see" objects! He has also been teaching other blind people how to use this ability. Now Scientists have hooked him up to an MRI machine in order to find out what was happening in his brain when he used his talent and they discovered that instead of activating the areas for interpreting sound it was instead using the visual cortex. You can check out the whole story HERE

4)American Idol was won yesterday by Scotty McCreery. While I am not much of an Idol fan these days or of country Music I did see parts of this season and managed to listed to at least one performance from Scotty and his co-finalist Lauren Alaina and honestly I wasn't getting into either one's music. But if you did like them they are talking about doing a duet on Scotty's debut Album.

5) Lindsey Lohan pleaded no contest int he necklace debacle today and was sentenced to 120 days of house arrest. No doubt she will be back out on the streets long before that from her "Good behavior"

6) A possibly ground breaking release from Autodesk who revealed an upcoming web service that will transform a minimum of 40 photos of an object from all angles into a 3D object. This could be from a statue, to your pet. They also indicated that these 3D models will be editable in their most famous product Autocad and that the 3D images will be sharable via Youtube. For the whole story go check out the Autodesk site HERE

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