Saturday, 28 May 2011

Water Powered Car, Pip boy 3000, Boston Wins the East

Happy May 28th Internet, I am posting early and will likely not post again today but here are a few stories that caught my eye this morning:

Water powered car!
Japanese company Genepax has unveiled a water powered car!
 A liter of water will keep the car running at 80KM/Hour for an hour and it can run on any kind of water, even tea is reported to be able to run the car. The engine takes hydrogen from the water and releases electrons to power the car.  Details are slim at this point however I would like to know how this car gets around the laws of thermodynamics in that it takes more energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen then is generated by burning the hydrogen.  If it is real this would be a truly revolutionary technology.
The company is currently looking to partner with a major manufacturer to put the car into mass production. You can see the video from Reuters about this story HERE
If you are interested in learning more about water powered cars Wikipedia has an article on them HERE

Real life Pip boy 3000!
OK it’s not “real” but it is a very cool art project over I found on by  user chanced1.  It has also been made to accept an iphone4 for all the touch screen goodness although no word if there is software for it or not to replicate the Pip boy menus . Now all I need is my vault  13 jumpsuit and I will be dressed to impressed this Oct 31st :
Check it out and buy your own HERE

Boston Bruins Win the East
Congrats to Boston on winning the Eastern Conference Finals last night. I think Tampa did a great job and far exceeded everyone’s expectations this season. Roloson was INSANE and stole goal after goal from Boston. Tampa is going to be a beast  of a team in the east for the foreseeable future.  Boston played a good game Thomas posts the shutout but Nathan Horton saved the day scoring the only goal in the game with just over 7 min left on the clock in the third period. You can watch the game winning (and only) goal below.

The Stanley Cup Final will start Wednesday


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