Monday, 30 May 2011

Nvida's Project Kal-El, Greek Protests, Iran To Turn Off The Internet

Mobile Gaming About To Look A Lot Better Thanks To Nvidia’s Project Kal-El
All I can say is WOW! The next gen Tegra quad-core chipset code name Kal-El (Superman’s birth name)
The demo below showcases the new tech and demonstrates the power of the new technology (primarily dynamic lighting) beautifully. This is a first of it’s kind for a mobile device I for one can’t wait!

Click HERE for the announcement / post from Nvidia
Greek Protests Erupt in Athens (Again)
The Greeks held a massive 100 Thousand strong protest today in Syntagma square Ekathimerini reports: "Greeks inspired by the Spanish “Indignant” or “Indignados” movement held their largest protest so far in Athens on Sunday, which some estimates put as high as 100,000 people, although a more accurate assessment seemed to be that those taking part exceeded 30,000. No official figure was given for the number of people packing into Syntagma Square in front of Parliament but it was clear that the protest was by far the largest since the movement began on Wednesday."

These protests follow news from the FT that the new bailout of the Greek Economy will include:
unprecedented outside intervention in the Greek economy, including international involvement in tax collection and privatization of state assets, in exchange for new bail-out loans for Athens”
A restructuring of the Greek economy seems to be imminent however prerequisites for the current bail-out have been delayed with the new austerity measures having failed cross-party agreement last Friday. Furthermore a restructuring of Greek debt that can be interpreted as changing the terms of the debt is opposed by the European Central Bank as it could be ruled a default.

Iran Is Planning To Close Open Access To The Internet
Iranian officials have stated that in two years the country will have state controlled internet as a means to enforce Islamic values and reduce influence from the Western world. The new network will run in parallel with the existing open internet at first but a full switch is expected within two years. Users will be forced to use a non-Microsoft Operating System and a search engine like Google or Bing called “Ya Hagh” . The question remains how effective these means to control information can be. We saw recently in Egypt when the government turned off the internet completely for five days it’s citizens were using voicemail versions of Google and Twitter services to communicate with each other and the outside world instead.

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