Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nude gaming parties all the rage in NYC

Nude Gaming
Good Afternoon Internet! I wanted to start today's blog with a new craze spreading throughout New York city, nude gaming parties! No longer do you have to sit at your keyboard in your birthday suit all alone. Check out the video below to watch an interview from such a party:

OK so this whole naked gaming craze is a promotion from Michael Krivicka and his gang at ThinkModo. Essentially the video is in fact an elaborate ad for XtendPlay ergonomic controllers, but come on this was a great idea and has garnered a company that I knew little to nothing about a fair amount of attention.


Lockheed Martin Network hacked!

In a much serious vein  Lockheed Martin, one of the largest defense contractors has suffered a huge security breach. A few months ago RSA was the target of an attack and the keys to it's SecurID tokens compromised. Once breached it was predicted by NSS Labs after an analysis of the attack that one or more clients of RSA would likely be the end target.
Well that prediction has come true and attacks like this threaten the security of current and future weapons technology.  Luckily it has been reported that their broader security has prevented any data from becoming compromised. But as this attack has been described as  systematic targeted attack indicating the party responsible may have been state sponsored and thus with deep pockets and possibly endless resources it serves as a reminder that all the data you think is safe can be vulnerable.


Orlando Bloom to star in The Hobbit movie

It was revealed that Orlando bloom will play Legolas in The Hobbit movie set to release in 2012. This despite the fact that Legolas is not in the book at all. While I did enjoy Orlando's performance in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy I do find it sacrilege that they would modify the story just to insert an actor. In the LOTR there were many occurrences were characters were cut out, or in the case of Arwen characters merged to provide a larger role for the actor but this seems to cross a line.

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